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Life Happens

I launched Cariño almost a week ago and I had big plans for this second blog post…. But life happens.

Today is the six year anniversary of my dads passing. I wanted to write about him. I wanted to talk about how it feels to launch Cariño without him here. Real deep stuff. Most if it was mapped out in my mind, since that’s my process, and I just needed carve out some time to get it into a readable form.

But at 5:45 this morning my daughter woke up crying. I knew the cry immediately. She was congested. I held her, comforted her and knew that the day was not going to be the day I had planned.

And I was right.

At first I thought I could just fall in to the early days of quarantine when I worked from home and before daycare was an option. I know it was hard back then, but this somehow felt impossible. I attempt

ed to get critical work things done in between lego castles and nose wipes. The house looked like it had been ransacked. I took some meetings and cancelled others. Ultimately I gave up and sat with my girl on the couch while she finally slept in my arms.

I’ve worked on this simple post multiple times throughout the day. A sentence here, a paragraph there. My mind and body are tired but my fingers are racing as I sit on the toilet while my stuffed up baby girl takes a warm bath and plays with her animals.

I probably should’ve just given up. I mean, who really cares if I post today or not?

I do.

It means something to me. It’s a commitment I made to myself. And I think even if it’s not “perfect” (whatever that means anyway) it’s okay. What’s important, for all of us, is we show up for ourselves in whatever way we can.

Even if, like me, you have to wrestle a toddler to put saline drops in their nose, in between paragraphs.

This is real like folks, and it happens.

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